House Eve to organize Arab and foreign weddings and special events

June 4, 2016
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House Eve to organize Arab and foreign weddings and special events and exhibitions, festivals, birthdays and graduation and birth in hospitals Concerts: -
MoB: 0506721930 For reservations and queries
P.O.BOX: 83366
Location: Al Ain U.A.E_ khalifa street_next to Ahlia medical center
House Eve services organize weddings and concerts and exhibitions and Almehrjant across the UAE offers you: _
1) European and Arab tents and organizing weddings and special events and exhibitions and festivals.
2) all of the terms bride: Evening dresses and perfumes and wedding Bouquets and Mandoos bride.
3) Processing and wedding invitation and hotel services and lighting effects and Altsuero cards concerts.
4) Provide cars weddings of all types on demand.
5) The provision of display screens of all kinds.
6) VIP hospitality services.
7) halls Accessories: interiors and coordination of the islands and Kosh customized and Alsarah best prices.
8) The provision of military teams and artistic and musical bands.
9) The Finest buffets processing.
10) hospitals and birth order of processing concerts at the highest levels.
11) processing and arranging all supplies graduation in schools, theaters, concerts.
12) processing and arranging most luxurious Christmas in hotels, restaurants, homes and gardens.
Creativity and excellence of one of Msatna There are no limits in dealing with the design and implementation of sophisticated level because the source is always fingertips expertise.
House Eve is proud to provide all the innovative services of Kosh at the hands of the most skilled design experts, where we design Alsnterpas and decorative chairs and tables, and also offer high-end Arabian hospitality
Because it is night life make it a night to remember
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